Lumion 10.3

Creates professional-grade architectural visualizations
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Turns your architectural designs into 3D images and videos. Provides animated models, animations for the movements of the sun, camera animations, scene processing and more.

The designers and architects rely on their knowledge, imagination and software tools for doing their jobs. Lumion, developed by Act-3D B.V., handles the software part of an architect or designer job. With Lumion, professionals can create various 3D videos, beautiful 3D models and complex 360 panoramas in order to fulfill their tasks.

Its interface it's not exactly what you've expected. An application such complex should've had a better designed GUI, with modern menus and better-shaped buttons and icons. They're not ugly but neither they make a difference.

Lumion may not impress you visually, but its features will definitely do. They cover a wide range of possibilities and can really make you achieve tasks easier. Right at the start of the program, you are presented with a set of templates and scenes aimed at lowering the difficulty of your projects.

You'll then notice that its objects and scenes are not static, but they have real-life characteristics such as river water flow or leaves blown by the wind. Another cool feature is represented by the possibility of changing the object sizes and the way they're oriented by using simple mouse clicks. The perspective can also be changed and you can make sure that the entire group of objects is perfectly placed. There's no need to say that it embeds numerous different objects, nature elements, animals, public transportation, miscellaneous indoor and outdoor objects.

To summarize, Lumion can truly be described as a comprehensive application. Its wide palette of features provide huge support for architects, designers or skilled individuals. Yes, you may say it's expensive, it requires a high-end computer system and aesthetically is not impressive, but perfection was never achieved by humans.

John Saunders
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  • Embeds numerous different objects
  • Is equipped with templates and scenes
  • Objects have real-life characteristics


  • Requires a high-end computer system
  • Has poorly shaped buttons and icons
  • Comes with a consistent price tag
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